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Our Road Maps

Our Road Maps allows us to communicate our activities and intentions with our community.

We’re not the type of NFT project that does a set and forget style road map. Ours is constantly evolving… Why? Because we’re bursting with ideas, armed with experience and having way too much fun!

Road Map 1.0



Our driven and experienced team are regularly deploying marketing strategies to further the reach of the Not Your Bro brand across Web 2 and Web 3 markets.

Not Your Bro is working with ambassadors such as Pranksy to bring awareness in Web 3, and in Web 2, has recently been featured by

Read Vogue's Article on us

Brand Partnerships

We understand the strong commercial value of our brand, and through aligned vision and mission partnerships, we continue to drive our message to further its reach and help empower our community.

Current Partnership


Non-Profit Support

10% of original mint proceeds have been donated along with the ongoing commitment to donate 10% of monthly royalties to selected reputable non profit organisations.

Total ETH donated so far :


(That’s $92,511 USD
at the current Ethereum Value)


Safe Space Community

Providing a safe space where our community can gather for friendship and support.

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NYB Community Fund

Development of the Not Your Bro Community Fund to invest in other Female, Non-Binary &/or LGBTQIA+ led projects by purchasing NFTs from their collection, which are then given away to NYB holders. An initial investment of 10ETH was made upon the sale of 75% of our collection. Every month 5% of our monthly royalties will be added to the Not Your Bro Community Fund. Our community will help us choose which collections to support.


Merch Store

Our Merch is exclusive for holders only. You can gain access to our merch by retrieving your password for our Merch store using the link below 🙂

We will continue to add new products regularly.

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Networking Events

Holding a NYB NFT will provide access to real-life and virtual networking events with like-minded people.

Within our community we have built a group called Holders Who Help, providing support and information to other holders across a global virtual platform.

Our first real-life event was held at our Rooftop Party in New York, June 2022.

Road Map 2.0


Artwork Vectorisation

Vectorisation of Not Your Bro artwork is accessible for holders via our website.

Holders can download high resolution PNG & SVG files of their artwork for personal and commercial use as per our license – read license.

Access Upgraded Art

Launch of What The NFT

What The NFT ( is a free, unbiased and safe education platform for those looking to learn about NFTs & Web3.

Our internal team developed and launched the platform to help onboard more people into the NFT space.


Not Your

Providing insights, analytics and alpha to our holders is incredibly important to us.

We’ve developed a handy analytical platform on our website where holders can learn about the analytics of Not Your Bro.

We are also bringing value to our holders within our Discord community with industry wide updates and information on market activities.

Our team will be releasing more valuable tools for holders to gain access to insights, alerts and pre-sale opportunities for projects vetted by our internal and highly experienced project review committee.

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Commemorative Collections

We have reasons to celebrate!

We are creating collections to commemorate certain activities and milestones.

Each micro collection will be exclusive to holders who meet the requirements of each commemorative collection & will be a free mint (+Gas) on Ethereum.


Metaverse Expansion

Not Your Bro is holder of two Otherdeeds to Yuga Lab’s Otherside.

Here we will be developing an exciting new place for our holders to explore and gather.



Not Your Bro will collaborate with other brands, artists & projects through exciting endeavours rewarding holders with exclusive opportunities.


Something is pickling