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Not Your Bro (“NYB”) Commercial Rights and Fair Use Policy

This Policy is also applicable to the Not Your Demons (“NYD”) Collection and “Holders” are referred to those who own either a Not Your Bro or Not Your Demons NFT Token.


Not Your Bro grants to the Holder a worldwide non-exclusive, assignable, perpetual, and royalty-free license to display the NFT solely for non-commercial purposes.


Holders are granted commercial rights to the specific NYB / NYD NFT(s) held by that individual.This permits the Holder to produce commercial products for sale, but not to use the “Not Your Bro” / “Not Your Demons” name or logo in relation to that product. Holders may identify commercial products with the Not Your Bro / Not Your Demons token ID to signify ownership of the purchased NFT. The Derivative Rights are effective so long as the Collector owns that same purchased NFT.


3(a) Commercial rights does NOT include the use of:

(i) the NYB / NYD logo(s) including other similar ones that may have been made in its likeness.

(ii) Components / unique traits within the NYB / NYD NFT independent to how it appears in its original form within the owned NFT(s) for the use of sale or promotion

(iii) names directly associated with “Not Your Bro”, “Not Your Demons”, “NYB” or “NYD”.

(iv) images like original artwork found on our social media platforms, websites, or other marketing material circulated for the public’s consumption.

3(b) The Holder agrees to not use the purchased Not Your Bro / Not Your Demons NFT in a derivative work that depicts or encourages illegal acts, or involves pornography, racism, homophobia, transphobia, obscenity, violence, libel, or slander.

This Policy exists to protect the core interest of the NYB project and all of its investors who have bought our NFT(s) to support our movement.